40-Minute General Angel Reading $135

75-Minute General Angel Reading $222

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Only heavenly messages are allowed here. Angel readings are fabulous tools to help you in the direction of your life. When done with love and light only, you will receive messages from heaven regarding life categories such as romance, Twin Flame readingslife purpose and career or health. The world of tarot is sometimes seen as a mysterious or even scary place. My training with Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine demystified the world of tarot. As a Certified Angel Card Reader I can help decipher the messages from heaven and your angels. I have seen first hand the positive effects in my life as a result of listening to divine guidance.

You may be at a crossroads in your life. Or maybe you need to make a big decision for your future and you’re not sure of the right decision to make. An Angel Oracle or Angel Tarot reading can help you feel good about your decisions and guide you toward your divine purpose.

You may be concerned about going against your religious beliefs by receiving an Angel Tarot reading. Know that the angels are non-denominational beings. They are here to help you and guide you to your highest truth.

As a practicing Christian, I would never consciously do anything that would go against the Word of God or that would offend Jesus. Our angels love to help us but we have to ask. Speaking to them through a reading is a way of asking them for their guidance. Angel Oracle and Angel Tarot readings can be 40-minutes or 70-minutes. 

Topic readings: These readings deal with a specific topic such as romance, family relationships or friendships, life purpose or career or health. Readings will take about 40- minutes per topic. While topics do overlap, you will receive a more beneficial reading if we remain focusing on a single topic for the entire allotted time. In the event that you have questions about 2 or more topics, we can schedule readings of 2 topics back to back in a 75-minute session. Angel Oracle and Angel Tarot topic readings can be done in person or over Zoom conferencing. 

40-minute Reading 1 topic: $135

75-minute Reading 2 topics: $222

To book your reading email Michelle at michellefondinauthor@gmail.com

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