Life Purpose CoachingPart of the Fondin Wellness Coaching Program, the Life Purpose Action Plan is a three-part coaching program to get you on your way to a happy fulfilled life.

Often, you can be overwhelmed if you’re not in a fulfilling job that makes you happy. It might pay the bills but you may not be passionate about your work. You’re spending a lot of hours at your job plus your commute. In your heart, you know it should be satisfying.

Job dissatisfaction can cause stress-related health symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, heart problems, obesity and even depression.

You might also be in a life transition where you’d like to start a new career or you may be newly retired and are asking the question, ‘What next?’

I can help you figure it all out with a Life Purpose Action Plan.Life Purpose Action Plan

In this three-part coaching program, we will:

  • Assess where you are currently and calculate where you’d like to be.
  • Go through the Dharma workshop outlined in The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda: Companion Workbook
  • Understand what kind of work or vocation may be the most fulfilling to you through your Ayurvedic Mind Body Type.
  • Do an Angel Oracle Career reading and Life Purpose Reading to ask for Divine Guidance as to your Life’s Purpose.
  • Outline and action plan for you to move forward with your Life Purpose.

The Life Purpose Action Plan Coaching Program can be in person if you live in the LA area  or via Zoom conferencing. 

Call to book your FREE initial 20-minute phone consultation: 571-265-4559

Three-part Life Purpose coaching program. Each session is 2-hours. With follow up written plan. $1,200