Moving Toward Purpose

Life Purpose Action PlanI’ve been climbing an uphill battle, a battle toward my life purpose.

For few, luck strikes and they find themselves thrust into a podium of praise, wealth and recognition. It seems like they never had to work toward anything. Childhood fame, a genius invention, or being born into an influential family, these people can make the rest of us look like failures. I mean what exactly is it that we’re doing wrong? And how weren’t we blessed with such immediate good fortune?

What we don’t often realize is that, a large majority of successful people living out their life purpose, were exactly where we are at one time. They were struggling, living with self-doubt, trying to make ends meet all the while knowing that they had a greater purpose out there than what they were currently experiencing. And most of the time, climbing toward your life purpose is an uphill battle.

I’m starting this blog to get motivation. I need the motivation to not leave my path. It’s difficult out here seemingly all alone, on the road less traveled. (No silly pun intended, really.) For those who are not awakened to living a life of purpose, it can seem ridiculous, idealistic and downright irresponsible to pursue a path that to most, makes absolutely no sense. But to me, it’s the only way. I need to stay true to my heart, my soul and my God.

So here is the story, I will tell mine throughout this journey and for those who wish to share, I invite you to write comments and give yours. Together, we will make this journey more palatable and in the end, actually enjoyable. For the road need not gather up dust, but have the dust lifted up by the sheer numbers who feel compelled to join this remote path.

I know you’re out there with a calling in your heart toward your life purpose. Don’t ignore it. I’m here. And others are here supporting you and most of all, the Divine is supporting you in your mission.

Please share below. What is your heart’s calling?