When you read that word, what comes to mind? For some, it may come as a respite from a chaotic life. For others, the thought may bring about anxious thoughts or a negative connotation such as silence in a conversation. And for many, who have never quite experienced total silence, bewilderment. 


I often ask the following question to new meditators, “Have you ever, in your life, sat in silence with yourself?” The most frequent answer is “no”. 


Since the moment of our birth, we are called to the outside world. And even before we are born, we are hearing sounds and responding to stimuli from the outside. Our entire existence here on earth calls us to explore everything outside of us. When we are young, we take cues from our parents and siblings, then teachers, then friends, then the media, then co-workers and bosses, then doctors or other professionals. We are constantly looking for advice, education, approval and answers from others. Even when we pray, we are often asking God for advice. Aren’t we? 


Although we have such a vast amount of resources at our disposal, in the world we live in today, we are often left more confused and divided than ever. Should we consult the iPhone or Blackberry, search on the Internet or turn on TV? Should we ask our doctor or do a google search? Should we turn to our pastor or priest or go to school for the answer? 


Did you know that you actually have all the answers within you? 


According to the teachings of Ayurveda, as vast as the universe out there is the universe within. Through meditation we learn to explore that universe that most of us have never touched. 


Can you imagine that we have only begun to touch on our universe, the one we live in, over thousands of years? In order for us to discover our universe, we need money and a lot of sophisticated scientific equipment. Even then, only a handful of scientists are able to discover the universe then report that information back to us. And we have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg. 


But you can explore the whole universe within you by simply getting silent, closing your eyes, and embracing the state of being. When we honor this call to silence, the universe within unfolds and the miraculous happens. Your life will start to transform and so will you. By getting silent, the answers to your questions will emerge without searching, asking advice or google. 


Even if you have no idea how to meditate you can find a place where you can sit in silence for 5 to 10 minutes, close your eyes and observe your breath. Notice what happens. Is your breath calmer, is your mind calmer? 


Try finding 15 minutes in your day to unplug. Turn off the TV, radio, cell phone, home phone or any other device that creates noise. Sit in silence in non-doing. See what comes up. 


Wishing you peace, harmony, laughter and love and moments of silence,